Transport and storage of biological, clinical or hazardous samples requires extremely specialist solutions. The compliance regulation controlling this industry is one of the most stringent, internationally.

  • Collection from your premises
  • Nationwide Service

  •  Cool-chain Management
  • Bio-transport
  • Trained and skilled drivers
  • Ambient or Refrigerated
  • Chain of Custody Documentation

  •  Storage
  • Inspection facilities
  • Photographic records

If you own, run or administrate any institution that requires biological material transport, handling and storage, talk to us about your requirements. You can email, call or use the contact form below for a confidential quote.


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We handle a comprehensive range of materials

  •  Organ & Tissue Samples
  • Clinical Implants
  • Clinical Mesh
  • Pathology Samples
  • Histopathology
  • Blood Samples
  • Laboratory Samples
  • Medicines Hazardous
  • Materials